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Dr. Joshua Miller is trying to solve a mystery. From the heart of Cleveland’s LGBTQ community to the battlefields of Iraq, Josh and his friends work to find out who killed his therapy client. Bombs and beatings, torture and sex abuse, corporate scandals and the long hidden secrets of the rich and powerful all play a part as Josh shares the heart-rending stories of his clients while walking through the history of one of America’s most storied cities to learn which secrets killed Stanley Brandon.
This thoughtful action mystery reaches back into Cleveland history, including the true stories of the corporate giants who destroyed lives to make profits. Taking place during the early years after the 9/11 attacks when our government lied to us to take us into the Iraq War, our protagonists attempt to unravel a tale of lies and abuse to find out why two well meaning young people had to die to save the bosses.


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River Smith author of The Rockefeller Murders


A widely published poet and author, River Smith is a community-based psychologist who has written many books, including A Conspiracy to Love and The Power Handbook. A feminist-systems therapist, his clinical work has focused on post-traumatic stress, gender roles, LGBTQ issues and relationship healing. As a former college history instructor and a lifelong resident of The North Coast, River has been a weekly commentator for WCPN-FM (NPR), a guest columnist for The Plain Dealer and a featured writer for The City News. He now writes for Liberation Brew TV and This is River’s first mystery novel, and the first in a series of books that will feature Cleveland.

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I loooooove this book!!!! It is such a compelling read filled with diverse & interesting characters and relationships. The mystery is riveting and suspenseful; really intense. I have never read a novel that was so enjoyable and so informative; chock full of psychological, social and political issues & information and delightful Cleveland history. Bravo!!!!  ~KamalaDevi Pamela Venus

This is another perfectly woven work of amazing intrigue and suspense with so much information on politics and social life in Cleveland. Please do not start reading the book if first you have got things to do because you wont be able to drop it till you finish it. Thumbs up to River Smith for this wonderful job. ~Winnifred

The suspense in this novel is exciting and was a quick read considering how long it took me to devour the informative content inside! The humor is well worth a chuckle, characters are relatable yet likeable, and the detail and description is well painted to the imagination. Enjoyable mystery and pleasing to the eye. I do recommend this book to a friend, lover of books, and lover of all things mystery.
Bravo, River Smith.  ~Hope Pennie

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